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Software & Systems October 2, 2017

Tryon Solutions Launches Turn-key Test Automation Bundle for Warehouse Management Software

Tryon Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of supply chain software and implementation services, recently announced a new test automation bundle for use with JDA® Warehouse Management. The bundle includes pre-written tests that validate critical warehouse functions like picking, shipping and receiving using Tryon Solutions' test automation software, Cycle®.
Building on Tryon Solutions' expertise implementing warehouse management systems, the new offering of automated tests will be used as part of a JDA Warehouse Management implementation or as part of an ongoing risk management strategy to ensure warehouse operations run smoothly.
"With the new library of automated tests, we've built a solution that makes reducing risk a reality for everyone. The tests are turn-key, providing customers with a simple and realistic solution for complete regression testing of hotfixes, patches, modifications and upgrades," said Josh Owen, VP of Product Development at Tryon Solutions.
The newly launched add-on testing bundle for JDA Warehouse Management provides end-to-end regression and performance tests for customer-configured environments. Processes covered in the bundle include user interface, terminal and voice utilities; inbound activities, such as receiving, putaway and trailer management; inventory control activities, such as inventory transfer and adjustments; and outbound activities, such as allocation, picking and replenishment.

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