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Software & Systems August 17, 2017

Paragon Software Systems Launches fleXipod Dashboard for Business Intelligence Reporting

Paragon Software Systems has enhanced the reporting capabilities of its fleXipod electronic proof of delivery software with the launch of a new dashboard function. This latest development will enable logistics operations to access key reports at-a-glance to support trend analysis and the performance management of delivery teams. The reporting dashboard will be available as standard to all new and existing customers via fleXipod's browser-based central management console. It will be possible to customize the tool initially across three core job-based data sets - failure reasons, success rate and window adherence - so users can track delivery trends, monitor operational exceptions and identify areas of improvement within their business. Data will be viewable over a range of different timeframes by individual day or week, while a trend graph option will offer an overview of the last 28 days or 52 weeks. Users will be able to view information for a full operation or multiple groups such as depots or service teams. As a result, fleXipod customers can now generate a business-critical summary of performance data as well as meaningful, like-for-like comparisons of different parts of the delivery operation. fleXipod removes paperwork from mobile operations and enables real-time transmission of proof of delivery data to office-based teams, providing enhanced job visibility, improved customer service and increased staff productivity.

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Paragon Software Systems

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