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Software & Systems July 13, 2017

CX North America Releases Freight Vision Mobile App

CX North America has released its Freight Vision Mobile App, designed to give a range of users visibility over the status of their freight operations any time, any where. Nicknamed the "4 a.m. App," the app recognizes business activity frequently occurs outside of business hours. During off-hours away from the office, managers lack connectivity with the systems version of Freight Vision and the operations staff who often provide them delivery status updates. Key functionality includes
• Orders in Progress: Offers a view of all orders in progress, including total amount being delivered plus the number of orders on time, running behind and late.
• Order Details: Allows the user to visualize the driver's assignment including total miles, completed miles, miles to go, estimated trip time, pick up time, deliver by time, original ETA and current ETA.
• Route and Current Location: Displays a driver's current location within the context of the overall route in map format. This function also can furnish a street-level view of the driver's location.
• Messenger: Allows direct communication with a select driver. Built-in functionality allows one-to-one, secure text messaging.
• Search Live Capacity: Conducts searches within a city with the capability to narrow search results to a specific radius or vehicle size and body type.
• Search Results: Provides a map display, conforming to the selected search radius, that indicates via colored markers both vehicle location and availability.

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