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Software & Systems March 13, 2017

MacroAir Brings Advanced Automation to HVLS Fan Category with AirEffect

MacroAir has introduced AirEffect, a climate control system for large diameter fans. Through automation, AirEffect eliminates the need to constantly monitor and adjust the fans' speed and direction in response to temperature fluctuations. AirEffect identifies and dictates the optimal operating speed and direction for each fan based on the facility's temperature and humidity.

How it Works: MacroAir's climate control system measures temperature and humidity at two points, calculates the heat index, and identifies the best operating speed and direction for each fan. The user selects a desired temperature range, and as the indoor temperature rises above the specified range, the fans will automatically run in the forward direction at the best speed to create an appropriate cooling effect. When the indoor temperature drops below the selected temperature range, the fans will automatically run in reverse to redistribute the heated air overhead, effectively eliminating hot and cold spots without generating a discernable breeze.

“At MacroAir, we are dedicated to continual innovation, and we’re excited to introduce this level of advanced automation to the HVLS fan category,” said Barry Warner, president of MacroAir. “AirEffect essentially takes the guesswork out of determining the ideal speed setting for any space and allows users to enjoy the benefits of HVLS fans without the hassle of operation.”

AirEffect is currently available for all AirVolution-D models (AirVolution-D 780, 550, 370, and AVD3). AirEffect can control up to 30 fans (any combination of model and diameter).

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