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Material Handling November 9, 2017

Cantilevered cart ideal for transporting parts from warehouse to assembly

Creform Corporation has designed and built a cart for an automotive assembly operation to hold small batches of interior trim parts. The cart is used to transport parts from the company's supermarket warehouse to the point of installation in the assembly area. The interior trim parts are supported on two sides of the cart, while the open design of the cart makes all parts visible which enhances visual inventory management. This is especially useful when handling a mix of parts.
For damage-free handling, each of the shelf levels feature two cantilevered "arms" that extend out both sides of the cart to safely and securely hold the parts. Each arm features ½ in. HDPE plastic. Half-round cradles are machined into this plastic for separation and safe handling of the parts. Since one part is cradled in each machined compartment, the parts are not only handled safely but each part can be easily accessed and retrieve in any particular order.
The cart features four adjustable shelves all situated in a comfortable ergonomic position. The design of the cart makes it easy to add, reduce or reposition the shelves. It has four locking 4 in. dia. swivel casters for easy positioning and maneuverability. The swivel feature of the casters allows the cart to be easily rotated once one side is empty for access to the other side.
The dimensions of this particular cart, built with ESD 28 mm pipe and joint, is 38" x 38" base with 65" height but the dimensions are custom configurable. It has a load
capacity of 320 lb. while angle bracing ensures rigidity and durability. Creform is able to custom configure the dimensions of the cart with its system of metal pipe and joints, including non-ESD. The modular design also allows the user to configure the cart to his needs, and to change when the demand changes. Further, a wide variety of pipe colors are available.
Optional accessories include hanging hooks, paperwork clips, label holders, cushioned foam for extra delicate parts and large diameter casters for rugged floor environments.

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