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Material Handling July 6, 2017

Creform Mobile Computer Station...a workstation and cart "rolled" into one.

Recently an automotive manufacturer was looking for an efficient way to test products at the point of assembly, prior to shipment. The structure needed to house a computer that was used to test the parts. Creform provided a small "fleet" of fully assembled carts for these dedicated workstations.
The structure is built with a series of Creform pipe and joint and in this particular case, anti-static components were used. Rugged plastic panels provide the work surfaces, drawers and compartments. Mobile is the operative word as the station uses four large diameter swivel casters for easy rolling and positioning. Two of the casters lock for secure positioning.
Although the station can be custom configured by the Creform engineers, the station pictured has an overall dimension of 24" W x 61" H x 23" D. A wide variety of color options are available.
The structure features large onboard batteries and inverter so that the computer can be used all day without being tethered to a power cord. It is designed for easy maneuverability and standing-use to enhance the comfort and efficiency of the associate.
The fully enclosed compartment at the bottom of the station safely and securely hold the computer, batteries and peripherals. While a door at the rear provides service access and vents in the side allow for heat escape. A sturdy table surface holds paperwork and incidentals while keeping the monitor at a proper ergonomic level. A convenient pull-out drawer holds the keyboard.

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