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Material Handling June 26, 2017

Caster Concepts' Mammoth Custom Casters designed to tackle extreme challenges

Albion, MI - There's no job too large or too tough for Mammoth Custom Casters (, the newest product line by Caster Concepts, the leading manufacturer of industrial casters, rigs, wheels and accessories.

Whether the need is for a caster to roll over glass without cracking it, or to move very large machinery, or to swivel with exact precision, Caster Concepts will develop the solution to fit the application.

Each Mammoth Custom Caster is engineered and designed by Caster Concepts' engineers and built at one of the company's three plants in Michigan. Caster Concepts versatile technology and flexible manufacturing processes feature laser cutters, polyurethane processing, brake processing and other computer numerical control (CNC) machinery.

Caster Concepts has designed and built Mammoth casters for a variety of challenges:
• 3-foot-by 4-foot-wide casters with wheels measuring over 30 inches in diameter with an axle gear can be used on a motor-powered steel transporter carrying over 250,000 pounds of steel, plus the weight of the huge transporter
• Custom casters can carry over 600,000 pounds of coal, plus the 150,000-pound turntable

"Our flexible manufacturing process allows us to build almost anything our engineers can design and our customers can dream up," says Caster Concepts President and CEO Bill Dobbins.

About Caster Concepts
Caster Concepts designs and builds industrial casters and wheels for virtually any application. Visit Cast

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