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Material Handling April 27, 2017

Hello Dolly...well hello Dolly.

It's one thing to use dollies in your operation. It's another to find a way to store them. Creform engineers not only created the dollies for one of its long-time customers, it also created a storage cart to hold and transport batches of dollies.
The Creform GN Series of Modular Cart dollies are ideal for moving boxes of components, parts, totes and equipment. A unique feature of the dolly design is its interlocking ability which allows several to be locked together to create a larger platform.
Molded-in handholds make the dollies easy to carry and they are designed to be stacked for compact storage. Not only are the dollies ideal for industrial use, but they also can be used in the moving industry, assembly/warehouse operations and in DIY applications. As for the specially designed and built cart, the customer can position the cart in strategic locations throughout its facility and provides a way to consolidate unused dollies in a neat and orderly fashion. The particular design pictured holds ten of the smaller Creform GN-400 dollies, and with an open front, allows for easy load/unload. The design allows for a GN-900 dolly to be hung vertically around any of the three sides of the cart for added flexibility. The cart has a load capacity of 250 lb.

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