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Material Handling March 18, 2017

How a LOADMATE Electric Chain Hoist will improve your productivity?

Electric Chain Hoists by LOADMATE are available for standard duty to high duty applications. These are designed as per IS 6547 and comply to all the specifications mentioned in the IS Code. LOADMATE chain hoists have many standard features traditionally known as optional on most electric chain hoists by other manufactures. An Electric Chain Hoist must be designed to integrate into a system of choice. These include Overhead Bridge Cranes, construction Bridge Crane Kits, Rail Systems, to a standalone unit on a Jib Crane or Gantry Crane. Trolleys must provide smooth movement of load and create low resistance movement of the 'I' beam girders.

In a stationary installation, with push trolleys or electric trolleys, LOADMATE Electric Chain Hoists prove to be extremely useful and user?friendly. The advantages include very low headroom requirement for optimum space utilization, a standard precision lifting speed for sensitive lifting and lowering operations and brake linings with a long service life.

The new generation of Electric Chain Hoists features a fresh ergonomic design and convincing technically sound product. The motor and the gear unit are of modular design, allowing us to produce a wide variety of versions and ensuring that the overall design of the hoist is compact.

Standard Features:
• They are manufactured according to industrial standards and are IS:6547 compliant
• They are designed to integrate into a system of choice
• The modular design construction is done for

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