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Material Handling March 6, 2017

Yale Retail Delivery Package Provides Perfect Formula for Direct Store Delivery

GREENVILLE, N.C. (March 06, 2017) - Yale Materials Handling Corporation announces the retail delivery package, a suite of features for the MPB045VG walkie pallet truck, designed specifically for DSD applications. Highlights include a mid-mounted retail delivery handle, moveable load backrest, load retention strap system and lithium-ion power.

The patented retail delivery handle design offers complete command of the truck's functionality with the handle in full upright position via auxiliary traction control and lift/lower buttons. In this compact configuration, the truck can operate at creep speed for optimized maneuverability, visibility and control in congested store aisles or trailers.

The moveable load backrest can be adjusted by operators through quick latch and pivot arms to handle multiple pallet types with a single fork configuration, streamlining processes for time-sensitive operations. The load retention strap system uses a single 2-inch seat belt style ratcheting and locking mechanism to keep a variety of load types, shapes and sizes secure and stable through changing terrain.

The only lithium-ion battery pack available from an OEM and certified under the UL 583 standard for industrial trucks lasts up to five times longer than traditional lead-acid batteries and can be opportunity charged on the go in any 120-volt outlet. No negative memory effects and no off-gassing required means operators can charge it anywhere, even in the trailer between deliveries.

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Yale Materials Handling Corporation

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