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New Products and Services: Material Handling

Ruggedized Lithium Ion 24XP Battery for Material Handling from Valence Technology
New Product Release for 2017 from Valence Technology Ruggedized Lithium Ion 24XP Battery for Material Handling Valence announces its safe Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate chemistry platform now available in 24 volts in its new 24XP series.

Wildeck Introduces New "RML" Product Category with New RiderLift™ Rideable Material Lift
Waukesha, WI - Wildeck, Inc. - Material handling equipment and safety products manufacturer, Wildeck, Inc., has introduced a new product category for vertical material lifts.

New Worklights Now Available
TVH in the Americas (TVH), has added two new LED worklights to their extensive inventory; the SYLED1500 and SYLED2500.

Kardex Remstar Offers New Horizontal Carousel Quick Ship Program
To shorten lead times to the customer, Kardex Remstar is pleased to offer a new Horizontal Carousel Quick Ship Program.

Handling Specialty Creates Custom Lifts for Automotive Assembly
Designed with redundant safety systems and multiple belts, this mast style belt lift was engineered to reduce deflection, ensure level and accurate positioning, support cantilevered loads, and offer high-duty cycles.

New BEUMER Mobile Bag Tester Offers Reliable Check of Any Kind of Valve Bags
BEUMER Group, a global leader in palletizing and packaging systems, has introduced the BEUMER Bag Tester which offers easy, in-field testing of the air permeability of any kind of valve bag, including all paper and plastic layers, and glued areas. Designed for mobile use, the lightweight bag tester weighs 14 kg and is stored in a wheeled hard-top case for portability and durability.

TVH Offers Environmentally Friendly Product Offering
TVH in the Americas (TVH), a leading provider of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industries is expanding its product offering to include high quality reconditioned parts. In order to meet the growing demand for more environmentally friendly options, TVH is now stocking a wide variety of reconditioned parts, available for many different makes and models. Each reconditioned part that TVH offers is repaired and refinished in accordance with strict quality standards.

Breakthrough in the digital transformation: thyssenkrupp connects machinery
• IIoT platform "toii" is an in-house development that connects machines of different makes and generations
• Due to predictive maintenance the platform is also supposed to forecast the necessity of machine services in the future
• Processes can be planned and coordinated optimally and flexibly A milestone for the digital transformation: thyssenkrupp connects the machinery of the materials division via a new digital platform.

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN - July 11, 2017 — Dematic, a leading global supplier of integrated automated technology, software and services to optimize the supply chain, today announces updates to the latest release of its Warehouse Execution System software platform, Dematic iQ 2.5. One of the highlights of this release is the innovative, first-to-market Material Flow Analysis — a new blend of performance monitoring, analytical insights and visualization essential to operations efficiency.

Creform Mobile Computer Station...a workstation and cart "rolled" into one.
Recently an automotive manufacturer was looking for an efficient way to test products at the point of assembly, prior to shipment.

Announces New InvisiPac® Feed System
Graco Advanced Fluid Dispense(AFD),a world leader in fluid handling products and systems,announces the new InvisiPac® Feed System,specially designed for feeding adhesives to the InvisiPac® Tank-Free™ Hot Melt Delivery System.The new feeding system is the ideal solution for overcoming problems associated with overall adhesive feed reliability and reducing the stickiness and glue clumping that can result in downtime and reduced production.Operating with a vacuum transfer pneumatic pressure range of 40-100 pounds per square inch(psi),the InvisiPac Feed System automatically feeds pellets from the adhesive bin into a fully enclosed chicklet feed hopper that keeps adhesive free of dust and contaminants.

New pallet jacks, weigh forks and hydraulic weighing devices address the need for quicker delivery
Fairbanks Scales Inc., the oldest scale company in the U.S. and the world's leader in weighing equipment, announces a new line of mobile weighing products that help customers respond to the huge increases in next-day and same-day deliveries.

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN - June 26, 2017 — Dematic, a supplier of intra-logistics systems for the factory, warehouse and distribution center has introduced a new Narrow Belt Sorter for low-mid rate sorting and diverting applications.

Caster Concepts' Mammoth Custom Casters designed to tackle extreme challenges
Albion, MI - There's no job too large or too tough for Mammoth Custom Casters (, the newest product line by Caster Concepts, the leading manufacturer of industrial casters, rigs, wheels and accessories.

Vertical Drop Lifts Offer Easy Solutions to the Factory Floor.
Designed for the automotive industry with redundant safety systems and multiple belts, this mast style belt lift was engineered to reduce deflection, ensure level and accurate positioning, support cantilevered loads, and offer high-duty cycles.

Creform one-ton AGV economical way to tow a heavy load.
Creform engineers developed a single-direction, one-ton drive Creform Tugger AGV to operate in a multi-shift mode with heavy-duty usage in mind, but with the need to be lightweight, flexible and affordable.

Fairbanks Scales Inc., the oldest scale company in the U.S. and the world's leader in weighing equipment, announces the new mobile weighing, BlueLine Series Forklift Weigh Fork System, ideal for weighing pallets, boxes, crates, and forklift loads.

New Finish for Versatile Hoist Range is Environment Optimized
J D Neuhaus (JDN) is implementing a new Hydro Coating on its industry-leading hoist range.

Get the team on board
A simple idea to help communications within an organization...a white board.

Hello Dolly...well hello Dolly.
It's one thing to use dollies in your operation. It's another to find a way to store them.

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