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Lift Trucks October 1, 2006

Fork-Kushion lift-truck fork protectors

Kastalon has introduced its next generation of Fork-Kushion lift-truck fork protectors. Designed for easy installation, the new models use a special adhesive primer and the latest-generation industrial grade VHB tape for optimum bond strength under real-world industrial conditions.

Fork-Kushions are designed to reduce fork truck damage by providing cushioning protection from marring and denting. They are simply mounted directly to the upright face of the fork using specifically designed permanent mounting brackets. The cushion then slides into the bracket.

There are five unique styles to choose from for virtually every material handling application, according to the manufacturer. The Ultra Soft style offers dense cushioning for fragile handling. The Soft is best suited for lightweight material and the Medium is considered to be an all-purpose model. Other styles include the Cut-Resistant and Maximum-Impact models for extremely heavy objects, such as steel coils.

Kastalon Inc.

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