Ergonomic Equipment April 27, 2011

Yellow Jacket portable fan

Yellow Jacket portable fan

Big Ass Fan Co. has introduced Yellow Jacket, a new portable fan that "takes abuse and stays in use." Five years in development, Yellow Jacket is designed for flexibility, quiet operation, and durability.

The Yellow Jacket fan has a heavy-gauge steel carriage that is able to withstand the harsh environments. Additionally, Yellow Jacket won't crumble after a forklift "love tap."

It features powerfoil-inspired blades for maximum efficiency and airflow coverage, says the company. It has multiple speeds and an easily-operated locking position mechanism, which allows the operator to control the amount and direction of the airflow. It is also acoustically designed, with the motor and carriage offering quiet operation.

It can be used in many applications, with ceiling, wall, or multiple floor mounting options available. Oversized wheels and an ergonomic handle make the fan very maneuverable.

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