Ergonomic Equipment January 9, 2012

Ergonomic worker platforms

Ergonomic worker platforms

Southworth Products Corp. has introduced worker platforms that bring the worker to the work. These platforms are appropriate for stock picking from higher shelves, such as the vertically stacked compartments of storage carousels. They are also suitable for assembly or maintenance operations where large structures, such as aircraft or heavy equipment, must be accessed at elevated or varying heights. Offering more flexibility and safety than scaffolding or ladders, Southworth's custom-configured lifts can be designed into most production lines, according to the manufacturer.

Southworth produces stable scissor lifts in stationary or movable configurations and in a multitude of platform sizes and lifting ranges, working with the customer to accommodate budgetary limitations as well as unique, application-specific requirements.

Options include custom controls; soft start/stop; indexed lifting and lowering; slide-out sections that increase platform size when necessary; fold-down safety gates and handrails; custom deck treatments (non-skid, anti-static, etc.); and bellows skirting that keeps dust, debris, and moisture out of the lift mechanism.

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