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Automatic Data Capture August 30, 2017

Scandit Keyboard Wedge Enables Companies to Add Barcode Scanning Capabilities to Any App

Scandit, the leading developer of software-based mobile data capture solutions for smartphones, tablets, wearables, drones, robots and other leading-edge devices, is releasing a new scanning application called Keyboard Wedge for Android, iOS and Windows. Keyboard Wedge enables companies in retail, logistics and beyond to add enterprise-grade barcode scanning to any application without any additional development or integration effort.

Many companies would like to add camera-based barcode scanning capabilities to enable their internal ERP, WMS and POS applications from enterprise software vendors such as SAP, Oracle, JDA, NetSuite and Salesforce to scan on smartphones or tablets. However, integrating a barcode scanner SDK or writing new code is often impractical, time-consuming, and/or expensive. Keyboard Wedge is an alternative app-based solution that makes Scandit's smartphone/tablet camera-based scanning engine available without integration into existing apps.

Keyboard Wedge offers a customizable scanning experience. You can scan multiple barcodes at once or only scan certain barcodes. On an Android device, you can scan barcode data into multiple input fields at once. The application is remotely configurable for convenient management of large deployments, and distribution and scanner configuration can be managed through any mobile device management (MDM) solution.

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