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Training Basics Using Advanced Technology

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The Raymond Corporation

Every employer has a duty to provide its employees with a safe work place. Accordingly, since 1969, federal law has mandated that lift truck operators receive training and evaluation before using trucks and equipment. Although the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) updated its standards in 1999 to include training in more specific subject areas, technological advances in training tools are pushing the best practices of lift truck operation to new levels.

The Raymond Corporation is at the forefront of the development of operator training programs for use by employers, with a new, industry-first virtual reality (VR) program designed to provide operators with a simulated operating experience, as well as comprehensive operator training programs like Safety on the Move® and the Raymond iWAREHOUSE telematics system, which provides additional assistance to those tasked with supervising operators. Taken together, these measures can help improve operational efficiency.

A New Way to Train: The Raymond Corporation's VR training allows operators to use a forklift in simulation mode to train using preprogrammed exercises. After plugging the forklift into Raymond's Simulation Port (sPort), a user can secure the VR headset and enter an enhanced training experience that simulates the movement and feeling of operating a forklift in a warehouse environment. The program offers employers' training support in a variety of ways:

  • Uses actual forklifts and lift trucks, meaning operators will be practicing with the truck's actual controls
  • Allows for the pre-screening of incoming forklift operator applicants
  • Provides supplementary instruction between the classroom and hands-on forklift training
  • Allows trainers to view both real-time results of a trainee's movements and responses and gives trainers a way to offer feedback that reinforces desired behaviors
  • Offers experiential training for emergency scenarios
  • Acts as an easy-to-use refresher course for experienced operators who want additional practice

Enhanced Supervision with Telematics: The analytic information lift trucks provide should always be put to use for prevention tactics. Raymond's iWAREHOUSE fleet management and warehouse optimization system can be added to any lift truck to gather information about several best practices and operating procedures:

  • Operator checklist item alerts are communicated to the operator and supervisor pre-operation to swiftly address maintenance needs

Operator Awareness: Raymond's Safety on the Move® training program has assisted employers in satisfying regulatory and required forklift training for operators for more than 25 years:

  • Safety on the Move® helps operators meet updated OSHA requirements
  • Effective training can improve operator safety, decrease product damage and maintenance costs, improve worker productivity and customer satisfaction, and extending equipment life
  • The program includes trainer's guides, videos, student workbooks and other support materials for additional assistance

The bottom line means taking steps toward protecting operators, reducing, equipment downtime and product damage, and increasing productivity and customer satisfaction — all often done through proper training and the use of solutions like telematics.

For more information about Raymond and its training programs — Safety on the Move® operator training and Steps to Safety™ pedestrian training — visit raymondcorp.com/forkliftsafety.

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