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KEYTROLLER: Creating a Culture of Safety

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At Keytroller, we know forklifts and pedestrians should never mix, and since today is National Forklift Safety Day, we're addressing this important topic since the vast majority of forklift accident involve pedestrians.

Alarmingly, OSHA statistics indicate that there are roughly 85 forklift fatalities and 34,900 serious injuries each year; but it doesn't need to be this way. By taking proactive measures, we know – through experience – that a culture of safety can be achieved.

From preventing untrained and unauthorized operators with our line of access and monitoring devices, to ensuring pedestrian awareness with our forklift safety lights, we have an extensive selection of products that are saving lives and improving productivity on forklift fleets worldwide.

KEYTROLLER LCD 601: State-of-the-art, color LCD wireless access and monitoring system that maintains OSHA regulations with automated checklists, keyless ignition, creates driver accountability with impact and speed sensing, prevents unauthorized drivers by requiring code input or RFID card reading, extends equipment life with scheduled maintenance by date or hour meter reading: monitoring usage, time moving and time loaded or loaded/unloaded. Communication software can be PC based, server or cloud based ---purchased or Software as a Service (SaaS).
KEYTROLLER 105: Smaller fleet vehicle monitoring, keyless ignition system with code or RFID card access, maintenance scheduling, impact and speed sensing.
START-SMART: Rugged code/RFID keypad ignition system with memory logging and anti-theft option.
SMARTIE: Video drive recorder automatically emails videos of impact and speeding events.

FOREWARNER FORKLIFT LIGHTS: Ensures pedestrians stay clear of forklifts in operation with extensive line of red or blue LED and laser lighting options.
FOREWARNER MAXI: High power 24 LED lights used on overhead cranes---pedestrian awareness and better control of the hook/load by crane operator
SPEED-SAVER: Automatic top speed controller for cable throttles.

SPEED-SAVER EL: Automatic top speed controller for electronic throttles that allows for 2 top speeds, reduced idle time and increased tire life by up to 400% by preventing direction change when engine RPM and/or speed is over threshold setpoint.
SPEED-SAVER: Automatic top speed controller for conventional cable type throttles
ZONETROLLER: IR transmitter and receiver, used in conjunction with SPEED-SAVER units to control top speed from one zone to another.
SPEEDTROLLER: Digital speedometer warning and alarm system with internal beeper/flasher and speed limit input.

PRECISE: World's most accurate hydraulic scale (color touchscreen)
WEIGHTROLLER: Hydraulic scale with overload warning
LIFT N WEIGH: Economy scale for forklifts.

SLING-BELT: Unique patented design insures that seat belt is always used by forklift operators.
KEYSHOCK: Inexpensive impact abuse alarm module, ensures abusive and reckless operators are held accountable.
SEETROLLER: Wireless viewing digital camera system---used in improving driver visibility in restricted view applications.
CYBERWATCH LAN, SMS, SAT: Wireless hour -GPS modules for inexpensively monitoring via WiFi, Cellular or Satellite communication.
KEYCHECK: Rugged weatherproof tablet with customized checklist app. Communicates to web portal via cellular or WiFi for viewing fleets OSHA required checklists. Mounted to equipment or hand held.

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