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Safety doesn't happen by accident

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Hyster Company

Hyster Company believes safety is something that must be actively promoted and planned for. That's why the company engineers features that aid in the safe operation of its lift trucks and offers one of the most comprehensive operator safety training programs in the industry.

Award-winning operator training

The Hyster operator training program includes everything a customer needs to conduct the classroom component of an OSHA-compliant operator training session. This award-winning operator training program is available as a two-DVD set in both English and Spanish versions.

The program is a comprehensive, easy-to-use package that covers all five lift truck product classes. Whether a customer needs to get new hires up to speed or give veteran operators a safety tuneup with the lastest rules and regulations, this program serves as the foundation of a solid safety program.

Safe operator and pedestrian posters

Once safety training is completed, you can't rest on your laurels. Over time, people can forget information, or they might be tempted to cut corners to keep up with time and productivity pressures. Hyster offers its customers Safety Tips posters for both lift truck operators and pedestrians who might be working or walking around active trucks.

The posters are designed to be placed throughout a facility as constant reminders for operators and pedestrians to follow safety best practices. Available in four languages, the posters serve as a supplement to an ongoing safety program.

Safety is on everyone's to-do list. Even ours.

Everyone in an operation has a role to play in minimizing the risk of personal injury and property damage, including Hyster. That's why Hyster engineers in features designed to optimize operator and pedestrian safety.

The Company offers technology like proximity and object detection sensors that can adjust range with vehicle speed and enable truck-to-truck or truck-to-pedestrian awareness. Systems like these should be evaluated on a site-specific basis, to determine their fit for each unique application. Telemetry systems like Hyster Tracker™ can help enhance safety through controlled operator access, real-time data tracking, proactive maintenance alerts and reactive impact and fault codes.

Of course, proper lift truck maintenance is a crucial component of any safety program. Hyster can help create proactive maintenance programs for customers to help promote the safety of operators and pedestrians alike.

The first step: contact a Hyster® Dealer

The first step to creating a comprehensive safety program is contacting your local Hyster® Dealer. They can offer in-depth information on the various safety-related features and technologies available for your fleet and set you up with Hyster Company's award-winning safety materials and operator training programs.

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