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Forklift Safety: Telematics Helps Ace Endico Operate with Increased Safety and Efficiency

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Safety should be a top priority for every organization. It certainly takes on added importance when forklifts are utilized in warehouses and distribution centers. Along with proper training, another key component of a successful forklift safety program is a forklift fleet and operator management system. It provides end users with objective data that helps identify the safe or unsafe condition of the forklift and behavior of the operator.

End users can help avoid complacency by actively using this data to have real-time discussions with operators so that performance and safety can be improved. The same data can also be used to recognize and reward operators who consistently demonstrate safe behaviors. Together, these actions create a safety culture that minimizes the potential for complacency.

One company utilizing this technology and realizing results is Ace Endico, a full-service supplier of fine foods headquartered in Brewster, New York. The company's facility includes more than 125,000 square feet of floor space and 5 million cubic feet of storage capacity housing more than 10,000 individual items, ranging from frozen and refrigerated foods to produce and paper goods.

With as many as 100,000 cases of perishable food products coming in and out of the warehouse seven days a week, keeping up with constant demand is critical for the company. So, too, is the ability to track everything for accuracy as shipments are logged in and deliveries are logged out. With the company accepting orders until 10 p.m. for delivery by 5 a.m. the next morning, Ace Endico's management looks for every available opportunity to safely increase efficiency.

Floor supervisors are constantly monitoring lift truck utilization and safety compliance. In addition, they need to address impacts immediately to ensure maximum uptime throughout three shifts of operation.

Ace Endico is on the leading edge of technology when it comes to moving delicate products quickly and safely, and the company is always on the lookout for new and better ways to get the job done. Crown's InfoLinkĀ® Operator and Fleet Management System is one of the latest steps toward improving productivity and safety on the floor.

InfoLink removes the guesswork from safety compliance so management can focus on maximizing the efficiency of the operation. Understanding when, where and how each lift truck is used helps them identify improvements. The technology also helps the company manage operator training and certification programs to ensure that the entire fleet is operated with efficiency and safety.

"I'm very impressed with what Crown's InfoLink has done for us so far in helping us to detect impacts and control warehouse damage. It has helped us achieve our safety goals," said Matthew Hertzberg, vice president of operations, Ace Endico.

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