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September 11, 2017

Jel Sert Switches to CHEP Half Pallets, Achieves 100% Customer Satisfaction

• Collaboration leads to improved quality, increased efficiency, reduced product damage and greater sustainability benefits for Jel Sert. • Jel Sert avoided 100,000 pounds of CO2 and nearly 130,000 pounds of solid waste with use of CHEP platforms.

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Atlanta, Georgia - September 11, 2017 - Jel Sert is known as the "makers of fun foods" like freezer bars, desserts and beverages. But there was nothing fun about the recycled half pallets it used to ship 100,000 cases of product annually to some of the biggest retailers in the world. The recycled pallets, with their inconsistent quality and unappealing appearance, led to product damage and customer complaints.

To address the issue, Jel Sert called on CHEP, a long-time provider of choice for the company. Working together, the two teams agreed on a solution: CHEP's pooled (shared) 40x24-inch half pallets for product transport and retail display.

"CHEP continues to be a strategic partner in providing multi-faceted solutions in the most cost-efficient manner to meet our supply chain challenges," said Michael Martinez, Vice President of Customer Service & Distribution at Jel Sert. "CHEP's half pallet completes the professional appearance of our products, and shows as a display-ready pallet for our retailers."

In addition, Jel Sert's utilization of CHEP pallets has eliminated product damage and customer complaints within the last two years. By implementing both CHEP shared block pallets and half pallets, Jel Sert has strengthened its sustainability program by avoiding 100,000 pounds of CO2 and nearly 130,000 pounds of solid waste.

"Building a more efficient and sustainable supply chain is what CHEP is all about," said Todd Hoff, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Solutions, CHEP North America. "As this project proved, innovative solutions and a better supply chain are not possible without strong collaboration between trading partners."

Read the full Jel Sert case study to learn more about Jel Sert, why they chose the CHEP half pallet and how the teams utilized "hands-on" collaboration for successful implementation.

About Jel Sert
The Jel Sert Company, "Makers of Fun Foods," was founded in 1926 and remains one of the few privately held family-owned companies around today. For over 80 years, generations of children and families have enjoyed Jel Sert products which include dessert mixes, drink mixes and freezer bars. Quality, flavor, fun and value have always been and will always be the guiding principles at the company. Jel Sert will supply safe, quality food products to consumers by consistently meeting the requirements of our Food Safety and Quality Systems. In addition, our company will continually review customer and regulatory requirements and establish objectives that seek to improve our products. Jel Sert is also committed to changing the way we do business through continuous efforts to improve our "Environmental Sustainability " efforts.

For more information, visit the company's website at or follow us on LinkedIn.

About CHEP
CHEP is a global provider of supply chain solutions serving the consumer goods, fresh food, beverage, manufacturing and retail sectors in more than 60 countries. CHEP offers a wide range of logistics and operational platforms and support services that are designed to increase performance and lower risk while improving environmental sustainability. CHEP's 11,500-plus employees and more than 275 million pallets and containers deliver comprehensive coverage and exceptional value, supporting more than 500,000 customer touch-points for global brands such as Procter & Gamble, Kellogg's and Nestlé. CHEP is part of the Brambles Group, the operator of a portfolio that includes IFCO, the leading provider of Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) to the fresh food supply chain globally, as well as specialized container solutions to the automotive sector.

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