Supply Chain Management Basics
UWM School of Continuing Education161 W Wisconsin Ave #6000 ( Map it with Google Maps Map it with Google Maps)
Milwaukee, WI
November 07-09, 2017
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Get a fundamental overview of the supply chain process and its role in business. The course addresses the supply chain strategy and how companies are improving their competitive advantage through their supply chain improvements.

This course is ideal for buyers, logistics and warehousing managers, inventory managers, manufacturing engineering, business and materials planning managers.

Get a very good appreciation of the entire supply chain process. Learn how by making a very small improvement, you can increase the profit of your business. Learn how companies are using supply chain for their competitive advantage.

Learn how to determine what supply chain strategy is right for you

Determine what is the right number of suppliers for your materials

Learn about the industry lingo such as: JIT (Just-In-Time), FISH (First-In-Still-Here), FIFO (First-In-First-Out), LIFO (Last-In-First-Out), and MRP (Materials Resource Planning)

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