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New competitive logistics option for grocers New competitive logistics option for grocers
Max Pedró, co-founder, president, and COO of Takeoff Technologies, discusses his company's innovative approach to helping small and medium-sized grocers compete in the "age of Amazon." He also discusses Takeoff's new operating partnership with KNAPP.

Automating your grocer Automating your grocer
José Vicente Aguerrevere, co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Takeoff Technologies Inc., discusses Takeoff's mission and its new operating partnership with KNAPP AG.

Eyes in the sky Eyes in the sky
Matt Yearling, president and CEO of PINC Solutions, discusses the growing role of drones and advanced robotics and yard management solutions to optimize supply chain efficiency.

MXRP - RAIL Advanced Mixed Palletizing MXRP - RAIL Advanced Mixed Palletizing
MXRP - RAIL system is easily the most innovative breakthrough in mixed case palletizing over the past decade and will truly revolutionize the way warehouses approach sequencing, palletizing and deliver orders in more store-friendly formats.

A Healthy Injection A Healthy Injection
iHerb.com's new DC boasts a first-of-its-kind storage and picking system called Perfect Pick. The system uses iBOT robotic technology to deliver products directly to workers, making the fulfillment process fast and extremely accurate.

The Future of Warehouse Robotics The Future of Warehouse Robotics
Tom Bonkenburg of St. Onge Company and DC Velocity's Peter Bradley discuss the latest robotic technology and what the supply chain professional needs to know now about the possible future impact of this rapidly developing industry.

Adept Courier - Manufacturing Support Adept Courier - Manufacturing Support
Move smaller amounts of work-in-progress more frequently, for higher efficiency production flow. Relocate warehouse spaces to more ideal locations to free up valuable floor space.

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