March 21, 2011

Hyster launches new line of energy-saving electric lift trucks

The E30-40XN series offers lower operating costs, says the manufacturer.

By DC Velocity Staff

Hyster Company is showcasing a new series of AC-powered electric-powered lift trucks that offer lower operating costs and consume significantly less energy. The E30-40XN series has all AC components and uses less energy compared to similar lift trucks, said Brett Schemerhorn, vice president of sales.

The new truck utilizes AC motors and transistor controller technology for both the traction and hydraulic systems. This design reduces the frequency and cost of maintenance for the lift truck, says Hyster. A thermal management system continuously monitors the E30-40XN series' controller and motor temperature; if it identifies an irregularity, the system protects the component by automatically adjusting truck performance. Other new features include more floor space, relocation displays, and improved brake pedal layout.

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