February 6, 2012

TECSYS unveils "visual on voice" technology

By DC Velocity Staff

Supply chain software firm TECSYS Inc. today unveiled Visual on Voice, a product that company executives say integrates voice technology and product-specific visual images.

Executives of Montreal-based TECSYS say the voice-visual integration helps make instructions clearer to warehouse workers while enabling a totally hands-free operation. It can be especially helpful for distribution centers that have workers whose first language is not English or who are not fully literate. By combining voice commands with visual images, the solution can also make it easier for workers to perform complex tasks, such compliance with customer-specific pallet patterns.

Robert Colosino, vice president, marketing and business development, said the dual system opens up new frontiers for voice utilization in the warehouse. "There is no limit to the ways you can leverage voice," he said at a press conference at MODEX 2012. "It breaks the barrier as to where voice can go."

Barrington, Ill.-based top-VOX is the voice engine for the product.

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