February 6, 2012

Logistics TV series premieres at MODEX

Web-based show Move it! to showcase important role logistics plays in U.S. economy.

By DC Velocity Staff

Move it!, a new web-based TV series that focuses on the U.S. logistics industry, made its debut at a special presentation during the MODEX expo in Atlanta on Monday. More than 100 people attended the premiere.

The new program is the result of a partnership between the television production unit of AGiLE Business Media LLC and Steve Thomas, the former host of the legendary PBS series This Old House. Move it! is now available for on-demand viewing at www.MoveItShow.com.

AGiLE and Thomas currently plan to produce seven episodes of the 30-minute show. Each episode will explore the nuances of the logistics business as seen through the eyes of some of the nation's leading supply chain specialists. The series will highlight the people, technologies, and strategies instrumental in keeping the nation's supply chain running smoothly, helping businesses run more efficiently, and improving the lives of all Americans.

The pilot episode examines logistics operations at leading organizations such as: consumer products distributor Amway, the Port of Virginia, less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier Old Dominion Freight Line Inc., and online natural health products distributor iHerb.

"One of the series' key objectives is to demonstrate to Americans who don't work in the logistics field how it affects the way they work and live," says Gary Master, executive vice president of AGiLE Business Media. "Many Americans don't grasp the importance of the industry until they realize that virtually everything around them has a prior movement attached to it. With Move it!, we hope to engage and entertain people, both inside and outside of the profession and provide new insights into this fascinating business that touches every part of modern life."

Thomas, who serves as executive producer and host of the new program, said the nation's logistics industry is so large that even small efficiency enhancements can translate into huge bottom-line savings. Thomas said that industry executives and laypersons alike "will want to learn of the latest advances in this highly technology-driven business."

The new series will be co-produced by David Maloney, a senior editor at DC Velocity.

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