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Voice: a perfect fit for omnichannel distribution
We talked to the industry's top voice system providers to see how voice aligns with the new retail distribution realities.

Want better workplace collaboration? Use social media
Is your team taking too long to solve problems or complete projects? Social media tools might speed up the process.

Accellos buys HighJump Software; deal merges IT leaders in omnichannel retailing
HighJump name to be retained except in dealings with mid-market firms.

Largest Caterpillar dealer taps Tecsys to serve Texas supply chain market
Deal with Holt Cat gives Tecsys one-third share of North American dealer market.

Wanted: Data scientists to work on logistics projects
If logistics managers want to conduct a "big data" analysis of their supply chains, they're going to need assistance.

Sorry, wrong number(s)
When their shipments are rejected for faulty labeling, suppliers often blame print quality or label placement. But the cause is just as likely to be incorrect data.

Descartes buys Customs Info, trade data content provider, for $41.5 million
Cash-stock deal to add trade data info to Descartes' global network.

Tecsys to buy Logi-D in merger of health care supply chain technology firms
CA$3.05 million deal adds point-of-use technology to Tecsys' portfolio.

Cold comfort?
Work gear maker Ergodyne reports that its protective clothing—some of it designed for warehouse workers—kept polar explorers warm and dry in a recent trek to the North Pole.

How far can you see?
Close connections with your 3PLs—and the inventory they manage—is more critical than ever in the age of omnichannel retailing, e-commerce, and fast cycle times.

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