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Logistics gives back
Here's our monthly roundup of some of the charitable works and donations by companies in the material handling and logistics space.
Fracking creates a huge supply chain challenge
The explosion in unconventional energy production required the oil and gas industry to create a new supply chain for fracking sand in a matter of months.
Winter tips for highway and lift truck fleets
Ryder and offer advice on preparing equipment and operators for winter.
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Change can be a good thing
As they scramble to adapt to shifts in consumer spending patterns, retailers are also finding there's a silver lining.
Five trends to watch
Taking these five macro trends into account in your warehouse and DC siting decisions will help you reduce supply chain costs and inefficiencies for years to come.
Economist sees Fed hiking rates despite current deflationary trend
Ratajczak sees solid year in U.S. production, shipping activity.
Assessing and managing risk: interview with IBM's Louis R. Ferretti
Five years ago, IBM went in search of a tool to help it better assess the vulnerabilities of its vast global pool of suppliers. When the company couldn't find what it needed, Lou Ferretti and his team built their own.
Can you go home again?
As offshoring loses its luster, we're looking at a revival of "Made in the USA" (or at least "Made in Mexico"). But the shift won't be quick or easy.
Weak links, strong links: Who is taking over the supply chain?
There have been rumblings that the procurement function is "taking over" supply chain management. That kind of thinking is shaky on its best day and destructive in the long run. Here's why.
Do you know a Rainmaker?
Know someone who's making a difference in the world of logistics? Then consider nominating him or her as one of DC Velocity's "Rainmakers."

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