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Organizing the supply chain: interview with Jeff Farmer
Organizing the supply chain: interview with Jeff Farmer
There are a lot of folks working in transport and logistics who are unaffiliated with a labor union. Jeff Farmer, the Teamsters' director of organizing, wants to change that.
Be the king (or queen) of rock
Correctly identify the rock-and-roll reference in our magazine and you could win a prize.
Study: warehousing services market to grow at 6 percent compound annual growth rate
Logistics providers plan for growth with technology, alliances, bundled services.
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Study finds five tips to survive supply chain complexity
APICS and Michigan State find strategies to help handle omnichannel commerce and manage customized product lines.
NASSTRAC conference features "lessons from the end zone"
Keynote address will look at how key tenets of football can be applied to logistics.
Infographic: Logistics: nice work if you can get it
It may not be glamorous, but the logistics and supply chain profession has a lot to recommend it, according to respondents to DC VELOCITY's 14th annual Salary Survey.
The return of manufacturing
Many anticipate factories returning to America. They will return, but they will look very different from those of the past.
New "Logistics Manager's Index" helps round out economic picture
Index developers say logistics pros' "close-to-the-ground" observations offer clues to the direction of the economy.
Logistics gives back
Here's our monthly roundup of some of the charitable works and donations by companies in the material handling and logistics space.
Gotta find a job?
National staffing company offers predictions on hottest manufacturing and logistics jobs for 2017.

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