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Online shoppers show strong preference for specific parcel carriers
Study shows e-commerce consumers are loyal to UPS, USPS, and FedEx... in that order.
Infrared infrastructure
We have a plate overflowing with infrastructure challenges. And it's not just our physical and technology infrastructure that needs attention.
Don't stop thinking about tomorrow
We can't set back the clock to simpler times. We live in a complex world that requires forward-thinking solutions.
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Truck stop management firm donates quarter-million dollars for truckers in need
TravelCenters of America gift supports St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund.
MHI takes MODEX show to a broader audience
Conference will take place alongside Transportation & Logistics Americas show to offer new exposure to European market, external logistics.
Canadian retailers say keys to success are exports and omnichannel
eBay survey shows SMBs see challenges in low margins, tough competition, and currency exchange rates.
Economist warns of modest recession in 2017
Strong dollar hurting material handling exports, but long-term forecast is solid, economist tells MHI conference.
New kids on the blog
DCV introduces two new bloggers and a guest blog.
U.S. industrial property market to extend roll deep into 2018, firm says
JLL says demand for e-commerce fulfillment just getting started.
LINCS program provides good, low-cost source of entry-level employees and training
A government grant that provides low-cost supply chain training has been extended for six more months.

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