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Problem: Bringing order to a chaotic inventory replenishment system
U.K. coffee retailer Costa Express's growth plans were threatened by an inability to consistently forecast its partners' inventory replenishment needs. Software from ToolsGroup ended the guesswork and gave Costa clear visibility into its supply-demand world.
Is it Aha! Or Duh! Or D'oh?
It is OK to celebrate improvement, new applications for old tools, and the march of progress. But let's save the proclamations and euphoria for those few genuine breakthroughs.
How much is too much?
Sure, information is power. But do you really need to know how many orders were loaded at Door 5 by employees wearing blue shirts?
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Most retail supply chains are not ready for omnichannel commerce
Less than one-fourth of retail CEOs participating in a recent study believe the rise of omnichannel shopping will affect their organizations.
Logistics, material handling companies give back
Here's our monthly roundup of some recent donations and charitable work by companies in the logistics and material handling fields.
Basing inventory plans on national averages for apparel sizes leads to warehouse inefficiencies
Retailers' failure to account for geographic variations in demand can create operational headaches, says Stitch Labs CEO Brandon Levey.
WERC's DC Measures report now available for purchase
Annual benchmarking study issued by the Warehousing Education and Research Council examines 47 operational metrics, developing trends.
Social media champion: interview with Tony Martins
Social media can help break down organizational silos and solve supply chain problems, argues consultant Tony Martins. He's successfully put that idea to the test with his "hive" model of communication.
Illinois: Driven by logistics
With a long history as a center for logistics and transportation, Illinois might be a good spot for your next Midwest DC. Here are three reasons to consider the state ... and one reason not to.
Five ways to cut DC costs
Under pressure to slash expenses? Consider these five recommendations from top consultants.

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