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A son, a job, a household, and a recovery
As the economy improves, those "boomerang" kids will find jobs, create households, and drive economic growth.
Do you know what's in a $5 footlong?
Whether it's ordering a sub or contracting with a logistics service provider, sometimes we just do not dig deep enough.
The next revolution?
I am persuaded we are on the brink of another major upheaval in logistics and supply chain, spurred largely by technological developments like 3-D printing, ubiquitous connectivity, and the coming of driverless vehicles.
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Industry veteran Joe Andraski joins DC Velocity's blogger lineup
Former supply chain exec and association head to share observations on supply chain collaboration, technology.
Logistics gives back
Here's our monthly roundup of good deeds and donations by logistics and material handling companies.
DCV video production wins national, regional awards
Move It! "Web TV" show recognized for excellence by American Society of Business Publication Editors.
Too-great expectations?
Many young supply chain professionals have unrealistic expectations about job requirements and career paths. Employers and educators must do a better job of communicating what skills and traits new hires will need in the real world.
Problem: Bringing order to a chaotic inventory replenishment system
U.K. coffee retailer Costa Express's growth plans were threatened by an inability to consistently forecast its partners' inventory replenishment needs. Software from ToolsGroup ended the guesswork and gave Costa clear visibility into its supply-demand world.
Is it Aha! Or Duh! Or D'oh?
It is OK to celebrate improvement, new applications for old tools, and the march of progress. But let's save the proclamations and euphoria for those few genuine breakthroughs.
How much is too much?
Sure, information is power. But do you really need to know how many orders were loaded at Door 5 by employees wearing blue shirts?

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