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"Dirty Jobs" star Mike Rowe calls for greater respect for blue-collar work
Speaking at MHI convention, actor calls for a national campaign to attract students to skilled-labor jobs.
Economist says supply chain management field well positioned to weather possible "modest" U.S. recession in 2017
Potential industry pullback seen as bump in the road, Schenker says.
Amazon helps ALAN raise $75,000 in matching funds
Company kicks in $25,000, announces match that raises another $50,000.
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Starbucks chairman and CEO pays tribute to supply chain management in CSCMP first-day remarks
Schultz says supply chain needs to be at the top of the corporate checklist.
Once again, we will rock you!
In DCV's early days, we amused ourselves by including a Beatles song reference in every issue. We're bringing back the references, but this time, we're drawing from the full genre of classic rock.
Home Depot opens third direct-fulfillment center as next step in online distribution strategy
1.6-million-square-foot Ohio facility to support two-day ground deliveries of virtually all online orders.
UPS to hire 95,000 seasonal employees to handle holiday rush
Figure is far above 55,000 extra workers hired in notorious 2013 season.
Put me in, coach; I'm ready!
Managers sometimes neglect the talent development part of their job because coaching can be awkward and challenging. But in an era of teamwork and collaboration, it's vital to success.
Logistics gives back
Here's our monthly roundup of some of the charitable works and donations by companies in the material handling and logistics space.
A champion of end-to-end collaboration: interview with Jeff LeClair
Jeff LeClair learned the value of collaboration early in his career, lessons that have stayed with him throughout his 30 years in manufacturing and supply chain management.

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