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Amazon opens its fulfillment network to startups
Retailer launches Amazon Launchpad to provide web pages, marketing, and delivery.
Lift truck welders demonstrate they can keep their cool under pressure
Contest crowns top craftsmen at The Raymond Corp.
Scanners get a new image
Falling camera prices trigger a shakeup in auto ID world, with the old 1-D laser bar-code readers giving way to sophisticated image-based scanners.
Material Handling Videos

Scout strikes gold with patriotic pallets
Utah boy turns old pallets into decorative flags to raise money.
Roll out the barrels—with care
For New Belgium Brewing Co., new dock equipment evened out bumpy transitions for lift-truck drivers, cutting down on damage to product and equipment.
Conveyor sales are on a roll
Equipment makers report strong March numbers.
Seven tips for improving rack safety
While rack collapse may be rare, it is extremely dangerous. Here are some ways to make sure it doesn't happen to you.
It's time to change how products are packaged
Encasing goods in oversized packages only creates supply chain waste. It's time to reconsider how we package.
Pasta palletizing perfection
At Italpasta, an automated palletizing system makes stacking oodles of noodles easy.
Stylized picking
New order processing carts make fast work of order picking at Salon Service Group.

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