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Video contributors show their creative side on DCV-TV
These video clips manage to make material handling equipment entertaining.
Fashion forward
In a departure from traditional practice, American Eagle Outfitters designed its new automated fulfillment center to handle both store replenishment and direct-to-consumer orders from the same inventory.
New uses for old pallets: "Build your own maze" edition
Volunteers at an Ohio elementary school designed and built a 3,828-square-foot maze out of shipping pallets and straw.
Material Handling Videos

Colorful solution keeps material handling equipment in the right place
Simple but effective tactic stops trailers from "going AWOL."
Does the store backroom need to look like a DC?
As retail goes omnichannel, more vendors are filling online orders from stores. This has big implications for their backroom operations.
Battery sales manager gets a charge out of college football
When he's not selling lift truck battery chargers, Pat Bayers is out on the football field refereeing at Big Ten games.
CEMA to extend membership throughout the Americas
The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association has committed significant resources to making itself a more international organization.
Scholarship fund seeks "investors" in industry-specific education
Contributors to the Howard Bernstein Scholarship Fund help students pursuing careers in material handling, industrial engineering, logistics, and supply chain management.
DCV video interviews feature internationally known thought leaders
Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales, John Kao of the Institute for Large Scale Innovation, and MIT's Thomas Malone are just some of the leading thinkers we interviewed at MHI's 2014 Executive Summit and Annual Conference.
How to avoid a DIM future
Don't panic. Parcel dim weight pricing is coming, but there are things you can do to skirt parcel Armageddon.

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