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Battery bonanza!
These recently released products from makers of batteries, chargers, and battery maintenance equipment can help you get better performance from your electric lift trucks.
High temperatures put conveyor design to the test
Ensuring the reliability of conveyors in tough conditions requires special designs and materials.
The most vulnerable place in your DC
Security threats abound in the supply chain. But having the right dock equipment can greatly reduce the risk at your facility.
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Kevin Gue, leading material handling scholar, joins DC Velocity's list of bloggers
Posts to focus on research trends that may have an impact on material handling industry.
AGVs recognized by Inc. as a growth business
Magazine identifies automated guided vehicles as one of the best industries for starting a company.
Problem: Making the best use of space in a consolidated facility
Consolidating two operations under one roof threatened to cause space woes for the University of Wisconsin-Madison's surplus property disposal program. Industrial steel mezzanines eased the crunch.
Industry group works to fill material handling technician gap
MHI's Integrated Systems & Controls Council is taking steps to recruit more technicians to install, maintain, and upgrade warehouse equipment.
Problem: Finding a better way to store and retrieve raw materials
Outdated, undersized racks were creating problems for a General Mills production plant. New flow and pushback racking changed all that.
Maryland bars most vertical reciprocating conveyors
State reclassifies VRCs as freight elevators; material handling industry cries foul.
Closing the gap
Our 11th annual study of distribution center metrics shows that where performance gains are concerned, the lowest achievers outshone their "best-in-class" peers this year.

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