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Creative problem solving on display at Modex 2014
Atlanta trade show showcases products that are unusual, creative, and just plain interesting.
Modex 2014 a hit with attendees, exhibitors
Booth space sold out and the aisles were jam-packed with potential buyers at MHI's biennial trade show in Atlanta.
Shifting the focus to people
MHI-Deloitte study says investment in staffing will be key to driving further productivity.
Great Dane distribution
No, we're not talking about canine logistics, but rather, Denmark's leading retailer, which slashed distribution costs 9 percent by automating its operations.
It's 11 p.m. Do you know where your pallets are?
Companies are losing millions of dollars' worth of pallets each year to pilferage or simple lack of accountability. Here are some tips on stemming the losses.
New bar-code technology breaks world speed record for retail scanning
Guinness World Records confirms that Digimarc's digital-watermark bar code has toppled the previous record.
Palletizing drones: Pie in the sky?
Material handling equipment maker produces a short film showing a potential DC application for drones.
Avnet goes lean and green
Combining lean practices and sustainability, Avnet's global warehouse in Arizona offers the company enormous efficiencies—and a ready model for its other facilities around the world.
Flows like, well, water!
With hundreds of different beverage products flowing in daily, German bottler Labertaler was having a hard time keeping its head above water. Automated DC systems changed all that.
Pink pallets do double duty
Litco's hot pink plastic pallets deter theft and support breast cancer research.

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