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Power to the people! interview with Brian Devine
Power to the people! interview with Brian Devine
Forget the robots. The outlook for manual labor in the DC hasn't been this bright in years, says staffing expert Brian Devine.
What does Honeywell want?
The entire warehouse—or so it would seem if its rumored $3 billion buyout of software firm JDA becomes reality.
For pharmaceutical DC, a healthy dose of automation
To assure that the right medications get to patients right away, Toho Pharmaceutical built a distribution center that is so highly automated most of the products processed there are never touched by human hands.
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Vertical conveyors increase safety, save time for drug wholesaler
Instead of using forklifts, a New Jersey pharmaceutical DC chose a vertical conveyor to raise materials from floor level to a mezzanine.
AS/RS keeps the bottles flowing for distribution center
Automated storage and retrieval systems aren't common in bottling operations, but an AS/RS has helped increase efficiency and reduce damage at The Glenmore Distillery's Kentucky DC.
Can we all just get along?
When it comes to DC workers and their mechanical counterparts, the answer is probably yes, if collaborative robots perform as intended.
Are there battery hoarders in your DC?
Some workers will try to keep the "good" batteries for themselves. It's not because they're dishonest.
Warehouses deploy ancient rat remedy: cats
While on warehouse patrol, these felines don't paws to pounce on hungry vermin.
Warehouse upgrade has beautiful results for cosmetics company
A warehouse addition outfitted with new racks and swing reach trucks makes product storage and retrieval easy for a beauty products supplier.
Batteries and chargers: something new under the sun
Two product categories that haven't changed much in the last 10 years—batteries and chargers for lift trucks and mobile devices—are undergoing a transformation.

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