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Paper or plastic? (or maybe metal)
Paper or plastic? (or maybe metal)
Wood pallets still reign supreme, but they're not right for every application. Here's a look at some alternatives.
IT, IT everywhere, but few people around to service it, MHI-Deloitte survey concludes
Lack of qualified labor to manage sophisticated systems may hamper IT innovation, survey finds.
Warehouse executives need to upgrade, not just replace, aging gear, Tompkins survey shows
Average age of material handling system exceeds 15 years, survey shows.
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North America's biggest refrigerated warehouse to open in July
Preferred Freezer Services' megafacility in Richland, Wash., will include the world's largest automated freezer handling system.
March—a time for material handling dreams
Later this month, more than 35,000 professionals will gather at Chicago's McCormick Place for a glimpse of the latest innovations in the logistics and supply chain management space.
KPM changes its fulfillment "landscape" with voice
Though the outdoor power equipment it sells is state of the art, small distributor KPM was making do with manual processes in its own operations. Then it discovered an affordable voice solution.
10 packaging line pitfalls ... and how to avoid them
Just one mistake on an automated packaging line can slow the whole operation down or even bring it to a halt. Here's how to keep that from happening.
Seven trends shaping the future of material handling
Article in our sister publication, CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly, outlines how technology developments will influence how products move through the supply chain.
Video contributors show their creative side on DCV-TV
These video clips manage to make material handling equipment entertaining.
Fashion forward
In a departure from traditional practice, American Eagle Outfitters designed its new automated fulfillment center to handle both store replenishment and direct-to-consumer orders from the same inventory.

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