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Tougher DOT-EPA fuel, greenhouse-gas standards to save truck supply chain billions in fuel spend, environmental group says
Trucking industry wary of compliance cost; administration says fuel savings would pay for the change.
Environmental benefit of natural-gas–powered trucks comes with a catch
Unless producers plug methane leaks in "pump to wheels" supply chain, switching from diesel to natural gas will actually increase greenhouse gases, study says.
Penske offers natural gas engines for commercial truck rental
Program sponsored by $400,000 from Department of Energy.
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UPS delivers green power with CNG expansion
Company to add 15 fueling stations, buy 1,400 vehicles.
LEED or follow?
While there are advantages to becoming certified for your environmental efforts, you can still reap the same benefits without the official stamp of approval.
Repurposed Materials Inc. finds new homes for old industrial materials
Company's customers creatively repurpose surplus items, including totes, pallets, and conveyor belting.
Automated container terminal produces zero emissions
Maasvlakte II terminal in Rotterdam is all-electric, buys all of its power from wind farms.
Heading for zero
Ace Hardware worked with its waste and recycling contractor to get one DC to the point where it ships nothing to a landfill. A second DC is close behind. And that's only a part of the hardware cooperative's sustainability efforts.
A complicated question
Which is better: one centralized reverse logistics processing center or several regional ones? Experts say the answer depends on a lot more than just cost and efficiency.
Some gasoline, diesel transporters step on the (natural) gas
In an ironic twist, a new company will provide natural gas fueling services to bulk haulers of gasoline and diesel fuel.

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