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Mission accomplished: interview with Maj. Gen. Ken Dowd
In the days after Hurricane Sandy, the commercial supply chain for fuel basically collapsed. That's when Maj. Gen. Ken Dowd and the DLA stepped up.

Delivery drones? Amazon's late to the party
The U.S. Marines have been delivering heavy cargo via unmanned cargo helicopters for nearly two years, says DCV blogger.

Defense logistics expert Alan F. Estevez moves up at DOD
Senate confirms 2004 DC Velocity Rainmaker to high-level logistics and procurement post in Defense Department.

Ace says Afghanistan is the place
In partnership with a local firm—one with a firm grasp of logistics—Ace Hardware will open its first hardware store in Afghanistan next year.

Ocean container inserts hold items steady in transit
Designed for military applications, new equipment quickly converts containers to storage for different-shaped items.

GENCO awarded $38.8 million contract by Defense Logistics Agency to support Naval operations
DLA distribution site to process over 100,000 annual transactions in Bahrain, CENTCOM theater.

A "slow ramp to hell"
Cost cutting could wreak havoc with defense spending in general and logistics operations in particular, according to speakers at the National Defense Industrial Association's National Logistics Forum.

Defense logistics expert launches blog on DC Velocity website
Regular contributor Steve Geary to comment on military logistics and supply chain management.

Leadership in times of sequestration: interview with Rear Admiral Mark Heinrich
The sequester may be causing havoc to budgets across the military, but Rear Admiral Mark Heinrich says it's also an opportunity.

For defense logisticians, sequestration means time and casualties
As hard as the spending cuts will be in the defense logistics business, think of the impact they'll have on those in uniform.

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