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Susan K. Lacefield

Susan K. Lacefield

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Susan Lacefield has been working for supply chain publications since 1999. Before joining DC VELOCITY, she was an associate editor for Supply Chain Management Review and wrote for Logistics Management magazine. She holds a master's degree in English.

Articles by Susan K. Lacefield

Who's the greenest of them all?
Makers of wood, plastic, metal, and cardboard pallets all claim their products are a sustainable option. So how do you decide among them?
March 22, 2016

Six small packaging changes that can save big money
A quarter of an inch here, a few more items in a box there, and suddenly you've reaped thousands of dollars in savings. Here are a few small packaging tweaks that can produce huge benefits.
March 9, 2016

Hot spot
At the Modex exhibition and conference in Atlanta, attendees can get up close and personal with sizzling new technology, equipment, and services for the supply chain.
February 12, 2016

How to avoid a retrofit horror story
Integrating new equipment into an existing operation can be a challenging and frustrating endeavor. Here are seven tips for keeping your project from turning into a nightmare.
September 21, 2015

So you want to be an EVP ... : interview with Tim Stratman
Supply chain managers can be excellent candidates for executive-level positions, says executive coach Tim Stratman. But to grab a corner office, they'll need to overcome some stereotypes and their own technical bent.
July 20, 2015

Seven tips for improving rack safety
While rack collapse may be rare, it is extremely dangerous. Here are some ways to make sure it doesn't happen to you.
June 16, 2015

Paper or plastic? (or maybe metal)
Wood pallets still reign supreme, but they're not right for every application. Here's a look at some alternatives.
March 25, 2015

Inventory counting on the go
Want to make cycle counting faster and more efficient? Mobile technology could be the answer.
February 25, 2015

Does the store backroom need to look like a DC?
As retail goes omnichannel, more vendors are filling online orders from stores. This has big implications for their backroom operations.
December 29, 2014

Virginia is for (logistics) lovers
Companies seeking a new distribution center site will find a lot to love about Virginia, including a deepwater port and its location in the middle of the Eastern Seaboard.
October 27, 2014

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