Table of Contents: September 2009

Power down for a greener DC
Looking to make your DC greener? Improvements to lighting, heating, and cooling systems can have a big eco-impact and slash your power bills too.
the end of air freight (as we've known it) the end of air freight (as we've known it)
Battered by recession and facing new rivals for the global shipping dollar, air freight contemplates a clouded future.
a supply chain innovator: interview with Joel Sutherland a supply chain innovator: interview with Joel Sutherland
Joel L. Sutherland was chosen as the 2009 recipient of CSCMP's Distinguished Service Award in recognition of a career marked by professional innovation.
How Orvis tackled its supply chain woes How Orvis tackled its supply chain woes
Although it had long since joined the ranks of multichannel marketers, the Orvis Co. was still struggling with a supply chain designed for an earlier business model. Would its bold new restructuring plan fly?
nothing to sneeze at nothing to sneeze at
The changes Kimberly-Clark made to its distribution network may not be groundbreaking. But they've saved the maker of Kleenex and other paper products 22 million gallons of fuel and taken service to a whole new level.

Techwatch: use what you've bought
If you own the licenses and are paying for maintenance, it makes sense to use all the modules in your logistics management software. So why are so many modules gathering dust?
Basic Training: winning the losing battle of SKU proliferation
Product choice is a wonderful thing, except when it gums up DC and supply chain operations. Here are some ways to ease the pain of proliferating SKUs.
Basic Training: tips for taming the SKU monster
Here are some strategies for dealing with SKU proliferation.
Big Picture: the Web we are weaving
In a nod to the times, we have updated our Web site to provide easier access to information channels, blogs, videos, and more.
Outbound: logistics wins (and loses) a sale
As a summer shopping trip illustrated, one company's supply chain stumble can be another's gain.
Fastlane: green, green, green, they say
Most of us would agree that "green" is good. But sometimes I wonder if we might not be going too far.
warehouse of the weird
A new science fiction TV series is set in a very unusual warehouse.
no longer lost in translation
Latest release of GTM solution could spell end to foreign-language transliteration woes.
move 'em out, track 'em down
The U.S. military is using technology to track the whereabouts of everything from Humvees to hamburgers.
square deal
Square watermelons, now fashionable in Japan, could save produce shippers a lot of money.
planes, trains, and Legomobiles
No matter what your kids tell you, Legos aren't just for children.
is short-sea shipping the wave of the future?
Expanded use of "marine highways" could ease highway congestion and pollution. But not everyone's on board with the idea.
intermodal makes reliability gains
Shippers have long shied away from intermodal service out of concerns over its speed and reliability. That may be changing.
survey: shippers prize 3PLs' ability to perform landed-cost analysis
Study by freight forwarder Panalpina looks at what shippers want from relationships with third-party logistics service providers.
dissident Teamster group launches campaign to oust Hoffa
The Teamsters for a Democratic Union declares "the Hoffa road is at a dead end."
House bill introduced to promote truck-idling reduction technologies
Proposed legislation would give truckers a 50-percent tax credit for the purchase of idle-reduction devices.