Table of Contents: June 2009

mission: possible
With a deadline less than three years away, a team of U.S. Army specialists is racing to bring the Iraqi Army up to speed on military logistics. Despite a Humvee-load of challenges, it's on track to meet that goal.
swimwear maker takes the plunge
Faced with mounting customer demands for swift order turnaround and perfect accuracy, swimsuit manufacturer A.H. Schreiber took a deep breath and invested in an automated labeling and sortation system.
"cell-ing" the transition
The stars may be aligning for a shift to hydrogen fuel cells to power the nation's lift trucks. Will industry buy off on it?
show me the green
Railroads tout intermodal as the environmentally friendly way to ship. Can the economic case be made to shippers?
ready, preset, go
WMS vendors are pushing software that comes preconfigured to the needs of specific industries, cutting weeks—or even months—out of the installation process. But experts warn it's not for everyone.
the lion in winter: interview with Norman Mineta
Norm Mineta has wielded more influence over transportation than perhaps any public official in history. He's 77 and out of the public limelight, but he still has considerable skin in the game.

Basic Training: why consultants?
There are lots of good reasons for hiring a consultant, but how do you find one that fits your needs?
Big Picture: eyes on the road ahead
Transportation policy conference will look at ways to boost economic productivity while protecting environmental and public interests.
Fastlane: 1870 redux?
A bill currently in the Senate strikes some as a dangerous first step toward rail re-regulation.
Outbound: an entirely different sort of audacity
Despite strong opposition from the American people, the current administration is backing legislation that would profoundly change the way unions organize a workplace.
cool shipping container is hot stuff
Entropy Thermal Management Technologies has developed Greenbox, a temperature-controlled shipping container for industries like pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.
live from New York, it’s ...
NBC’s "Saturday Night Live" poked fun at express shipping and cargo security in one of its sketches.
security takes center stage
National Defense Industrial Association addresses 21st century piracy.
words from the wise
The driver shortage may be over, says ATA chairman, but the trucking industry now faces a whole new set of challenges.
silent solution
Quiet Logistics uses robots—not noisy conveyors or forklifts—to solve customer's order fulfillment woes.
membership has its privileges
Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates and ChemLogix team up to provide customized tariff solutions.
where politics and ports collide
Port of Seattle CEO Tay Yoshitani says ports can no longer afford to ignore environmental imperatives.
shippers (finally) have friends in Washington
NASSTRAC Conference highlights how change in administration affects shippers, carriers, and third parties.
one company's risk is another's opportunity
WERC keynote address highlights growing importance of effective risk management.
in with the old
JDA Conference focuses on getting the most out of already existing applications.
material handling program dedicated
A new industry-funded training center will offer entry-level material handling education to high school, technical school, and community college students.
transport brokers face new liability threat
Illinois court case may set a new and disturbing precedent for transportation brokers and intermediaries.
shipping slows, but capacity grows
Sagging demand and a glut of ocean capacity force ship operators to batten down the hatches.
YRC says it's making progress ... but is it enough?
YRC CEO Mike Smid says the LTL hauler has taken aggressive action to improve its position, but the battle is far from over.
has air freight bottomed?
Air-freight volumes are starting to rise, but the industry isn't out of the woods yet.